The Story

coupleThis is the love story of Hipster Jude, Clementine “Clemmy,” and Billy Fucking Emo.  Billy Emo is Jude’s arch nemesis and he will do anything to destroy their “vintage” romance.

Enjoy this voyage of courdoroy, facial hair and patchouli as the three of them attempt to navigate through the complicated world of hipster love.

This is their story.

(Some of these stories have appeared on my other wordpress blog, duhmerica.  They are all my original writings.  I just felt like creating a site dedicated to hipsters, because they fucking crack me up.)


68 thoughts on “The Story

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    1. hipsterstories Post author

      thanks, I appreciate it. That’s my first blog I’ve dedicated to most of my anger with society. I created the hipster blog out of anger, but a better story. I’m looking for Netflix to call soon.



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