Jude goes to a sports bar


After reading the email from Clemmy, Jude was confused, distraught and embarrassed.

Dear Clemmy,

Thanks for being honest with me. I understand, but I don’t understand, I mean I think I understand.

Anyway, I’m going to put my phone up for a while and go somewhere where no one knows my name…..you know, the opposite of the show Cheers.

Peace out,


He decided to drink his confusion away, but wanted to go somewhere different, somewhere where he could sit at the corner of a bar and fade into his glass. He walked a few blocks and ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings sports bar.

He walked in with his head down and sat at the last open bar stool at the far corner of the bar. There were televisions everywhere, each showing a different type of sport.

Jude ordered a PBR tall boy and started guzzling while the television above him played a girls college softball game. He stared at the game with a dazed look and was somewhat turned on by the girls playing, but was worried that they looked a little too much like men. He continued to guzzle.

The bartender walked up to him and placed a Jager shot in front of him.

“Easy man, I didn’t order that. I’m not trying to get that drunk,” Jude said.

“The two guys at the end of the bar over there sent you that shot,” the bartender said pointing in their direction.

Jude looked to where he pointed and his mouth nearly hit the floor. It was the two jocks from Randall’s the other day and they were walking towards him.

Jock 1 took Judes PBR tall boy from his hand and poured the rest of it into Jude’s lap. Jude sat there frozen and terrified as Jock 2 said, “Oh look, poor little fedora boy pissed his pants in public.”

“Enjoy that shot, because it’s your last drink in here. This is our bar, keep your stinky ass down the street at Randall’s or wherever else you hang out. If we see you in here again, we are going to shove that fedora up your ass,” said Jock 1.

The bartender walked over and asked if everything was alright.

“Just so you know, I’m going to Yelp this later and it won’t be pretty,” Jude replied defiantly.

Then he dropped some cash on the bar and walked out of the bar covering his wet crotch with his fedora.

“Thanks a lot Clemmy, thanks a fucking lot,” Jude said to himself as he walked home in despair.

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