Occupy Randall’s (Part II)

Exactly as Stefan had scripted, Billy Emo appeared in front of them all. His jet-black hair was pulled to the side revealing his incredible tattoo.

His black cape flowed elegantly as he slowly approached Stefan. Because of the humidity, his black eyeliner began to drip down his pale, white cheeks.

The hipsters became silent and stared in fear.

“I know who you are Stefan. I fear no man. What is your challenge,” Billy Emo voiced with confidence.

“I will put up my strongest, most intelligent, most un-mainstream hipster against you,” Stefan replied.

Raising his hands to the sky in a god-like pose, Billy Emo replied, “No hipster could best me at anything. I am Billy Emo and I fucking rule. BRING IT ON.”

“Oh, it’s brought. I challenge you to a swim-off at the Y against my dear fellow hipster Jude. On the second Sunday of next month, 10 A.M. The loser has to quit working at Randall’s,” Stefan said with a smile.

Jude tweaked his mustache and walked up from the crowd directly in front of Billy Emo. He raised both his middle fingers and pointed them inches from Billy Emo’s face.

Clemmy’s loins heated up and her woman parts began to tingle.  Her sweet Jude was transforming into a Hipster bad-ass right before her eyes.


Amazingly, Billy Emo’s pale face became even paler and his lip quivered. His fear was real.

Could this be the beginning of the end of Billy Emo?????


4 thoughts on “Occupy Randall’s (Part II)

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