Occupy Randall’s (Part I)

hipsterScene: Stefan texts Jude about the first protest. Protest takes place at Emo-Hip-Centric Night at Randall’s. It’s a hot, humid, normal Florida summer night.

Stefan’s Text- Jude, Occupy Randall’s 9 PM, bring Clemmy, signs provided, 35 people already confirmed.

Jude immediately called Clemmy and told her to get ready. Having a new ally in his fight filled him with a much-needed excitement.

They both arrived at Randall’s and couldn’t believe what they saw. There were at least 45 hipsters with picket signs, walking in a circle chanting repeatedly in unison, “WHAT DO WE WANT? EMOS TO DIE? WHEN DO WE WANT THEM TO DIE? RIGHT NOW!!!”

Stefan was in the middle of the circle standing on a footstool which elevated him a couple feet above the picketers. He was wearing a velour, mustard orange fedora and a super tight white shirt with the words “Forever Hipster” on it.

He wasn’t saying word. He simply stood there holding a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can defiantly in the air. Jude and Clemmy were mesmerized by his confidence.  He seemed like a true leader of men, a leader of women…… and most importantly, a leader of hipsters.

Jude and Clemmy quickly grabbed two signs and joined the protest. Each protester seemed to share their amazing hatred for emo culture. For the first time in a long while they truly felt at home.

As expected, the emos inside Randall’s began filtering out to the street glaring at the Hipsters with disdain. The mood quickly turned confrontational. The hipsters kept chanting, while several of the emos began yelling disparaging comments about corduroy and record players.

With the temperature rising, Stefan threw his PBR can violently into the gathering emos and produced a mega-phone.


(to be continued)

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