dear diary, more Clemmy confessions

Dear Diary,

Well, things have been a bit of a mess lately. My ex, Billy Emo, has continued to torment Jude and I feel so horribly guilty for it. Jude’s plan backfired and he ended up buzzing part of his beard off.

I loved his beard, probably more than anything else about him. Being the totally amazing hipster that he is, he was able to shave it and leave a killer mustache.  But, I really miss the beard.

Now he’s been suspended from Randall’s for a week by that manager bitch Cindy. Apparently they have security cameras that recorded everything.  That has to be against Jude’s constitutional rights or something.

It seemed like just the other day when our hands met together on the Public Enemy tape. Oh how I wish I could rewind and just tell him about Billy Emo when we first met. I just hope that Jude never sees the pictures Billy Emo has of me. That could be devastating. If Jude sees those pictures…..

Anyway, Jude made an appointment with his doctor to get some anxiety medicine, thank goodness for Obamacare. I’m hoping that will help him cope with what’s happening and get him through the week. He loves Randall’s, maybe more than he loves me, his patchouli muse.

After his appointment, I think I will go to his apartment and give him a proper massage.  I just got a new corduroy bra and I will wear those shorts I wore the other night that shows my ass cheek.

Fingers crossed……….



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