plan in action, destroy billy emo (part I.)

It was Friday night and time for Jude and Clemmy to put the plan in action. Jude finished his shift around 5 and had a couple of hours before the grand opening of Emo-Hip-Centric-Nights.

There were posters and advertisements hanging all over the interior and exterior of Randall’s, each one featuring Billy Emo. Throughout his entire shift Jude could not escape the straight black hair and pale face of his nemesis. His brain was nearly fried.

And to top of Jude’s disdain, a large crowd of emo looking kids were hanging out in front of Randall’s and several of them were filtering inside.

Jude overheard one of the emo’s say, “This shit is going to be surreal tonight. Billy Emo is probably the best deejay in the city. I heard him do a set in the alley behind Rover’s last summer….. it blew my mind.”

Jude’s anger had almost reached its boiling point. He went into the bathroom and put on a black hoodie that was in Randall’s lost and found bin. He stared into the mirror and winked at himself.

“Tonight is the night I will destroy Billy Emo. Tonight is the night,” Jude whispered sadistically.

He then crept quietly through the hallway and stood motionless in a darkened corner diagonal from the stage.

The countdown was on, 15 minutes until Billy Emo takes the stage.

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3 thoughts on “plan in action, destroy billy emo (part I.)

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