jude greeted with emo posters at work

“Good luck at work today, my sweet, fedora hunk. Rise above the hate. XOXO Clemmy.”  This was the text Jude woke up to on his day back to work.

A cramped smile tried to escape his depressive lips as he finished dressing and left his apartment for Randall’s.

His mind told him to man-up, but his heart told him to fight the new changes. As he walked into Randall’s he eyes immediately fixated on three huge posters hanging from the ceiling. This would truly test Jude’s mettle.

The three life-sized posters were advertisements for Emo-Hip-Centric night. They were floating beneath the ceiling in an almost surreal manner, almost pointing at Jude with disdain.

Each poster was of Billy Emo, with his death black hair, his pale face, spinning records. The title at the top of each poster said: “Emo-Hip-Centric Nights at Randall’s, the NEW COOL.

Jude’s depression had begun to transfer into pure anger and hatred at this point. His sacred Randall’s world was about to be forever changed and he seemed helpless to stop it.

“Clemmy, meet me tonight after work, time to make a plan, billy emo must be destroyed,” Jude texted.

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