the infiltration of billy emo

Scene: Friday night, 8 P.M. at Randall’s. Jude comes in for an employee meeting called by the manager Cindy. There are about 25 employees gathered.

“This will only take a few minutes, unless you all keep talking, then we could be here all freakin’ night. This is strictly a meeting where I am going to make some announcements and you will all listen. No questions,” said Cindy.

“Look, business has been slower than normal this year, so the owners have decided to make a couple changes. (Nervous looks on the employees’ faces) Don’t worry; no one is being laid off. The owners felt it would be beneficial if we started catering to a popular genre of people a couple days each week to bring in more money.

So, starting next week, Wednesday’s and Friday’s will be called “Emo-Hip-Centric-Nights.” We have already hired a new deejay and he will be in later if you want to meet him. The owners recently watched a local documentary produced by some local college kids that detailed the emergence of a new genre of 20-35 year-olds. This group has adopted both the Emo and Hipster cultures and has been making a huge financial impact on our downtown area.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the new deejay’s name is William, but he goes by “Billy Emo”. That’s all for now, get back to work.”

Jude’s mouth hit the floor and he felt like throwing his purple fedora into the gutter outside. His mind began to race. His heart was beginning to pound through his boy-like chest.

He loved his job at Randall’s. All he could think about was Clemmy, Billy Emo and what to do next.

He put his ear-buds in, selected his “Melancholy” playlist and walked outside into the darkness.

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