dear Jude; Clemmy drops a bomb

Dear Jude,

I wanted to tell you this face to face, but just couldn’t bear to. I’m so afraid of disappointing you, so afraid of not being what you want me to be. I want you to know that I know why Billy Emo is harassing you.

I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve been sick about this ever since he left you the note.

Billy Emo is my ex-boyfriend. We dated a few years ago and while that may seem like the worst part for you to hear……’s not.

I’m having trouble holding the pen while writing this, but when we dated, I was also an Emo.

Please don’t hate me, it was a difficult time in my life. My cat named Lestat had just died and Billy Emo was there to comfort me. It was a dark time for me and not something I’m proud of.

You know, being emotionally hardcore wasn’t easy. I’m a deep, deep person and I have more layers than Shrek. You’ve only peeled back a few of these layers and hopefully you will peel more.

After a while, I couldn’t take listening to Sunny Day Real Estate and Dashboard Confessional any more and decided I needed a change. So I dumped Billy Emo and he was pissed.

That’s when he started cutting himself. He vowed to stalk anyone I decided to date after him. I really didn’t think he would follow through though. I thought he was just a big talker.

After you and I went on our first date, Billy Emo sent me a video of himself cutting the word “Jude” on his arm. I was terrified.

I can only hope that you can see past this and continue this HipFatuation with me. I need you Jude. You are my Fedora Love, you are my Corduroy Passion………… I don’t want this to end.

Please forgive me.

Your Patchouli Muse,


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