texts about billy emo

scary_dude_____by_Misunderstood_Emo(After reading the letter from “Billy Emo,” Jude immediately started texting Clemmy.)


Jude- hey babe, u aren’t gunna’ blieve this. Some db calling himself billy emo left me a shitty letter at randall’s, threatening me n shit

Clemmy– that’s terrible love, what did it say

Jude- said hes tired of my attitude, my scarf, my fedora and that emos are takin over, hipster are dead, wtf

Clemmy- y would anyone do that 2 u????

Jude– prolly jealous….. u like my fedor and scarf dont u?

Clemmy- of course, don’t doubt your style, its incredible and so r u:)

Jude- weird thing, he said that I will know who he is when he wants me 2 know, kind of creepy

Clemmy– no worries sexy, prolly just one of those idiot college kids

Jude- true, or maybe1 of your exes??? (JK)

Jude- hard having true style, people just dont get it, call me later

Clemmy- got to run, think I left my record player plugged in at my apt

Jude- ??????

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