open mic night (jude’s revenge)

Jude was still steaming about the note from Billy Emo so he decided to begin enacting his revenge. It was spoken word open mic night at Randall’s and Jude prepared something for his new nemesis. He invited Clemmy to attend.

Scene: Randall’s at 10:30 P.M. Spoken word open mic night. The crowd is thick. A strong, dank smell of clove cigs and patchouli fills the air, IPA’s in almost every glass. Clemmy standing in the back, drinking green tea.

“Hello, my name is Jude. Many of you know me from the earlier shift when I pour your coffee. I have a very special piece for you tonight. I received a very strange letter the other day, from someone who may be here tonight. It’s called, Your Dark Face.”

Your Dark Face

Murky eye shadow, pale cheeks shape your male face

Hiding in the shadows, scared of the sun, vampire-like, goth-like creature of the night

You wrote me a nasty letter, ill intentions were clear

Now you’ve asked for the fight

A hipster I am, I wear my fedora proud

Nine-Inch-Nails, could cut you so deep

And make your eardrums bleed

You hang out in cemeteries while I search for antiques

You pretend you are a “cutter” while I drink Turkish tea

I am Jude the Hipster, and Randall’s is MY PLACE…..

Hey “Billy Emo” stop acting like a bitch and show your damn face.

As Jude walked off the stage and headed to the bar, a mix of mild clapping and muted boos filled the air. He looked around hoping to spot his emo Lex Luger, but the clove smoke was too thick.

Clemmy met him half way to the bar.

“There are some things we need to talk about,” she said with a sullen frown.

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