the second date (vintage cassettes)

publicenemyThe text from Jude read, “cassette time, lets do this, meet me, front of Randall’s at 3”

Clemmy was elated. Although she had some doubts from the late night phone call, she truly wanted to see Jude again. She sprayed some patchouli mist in her hair and meditated for a few minutes to get her mind right. Then out the door she went.

Jude was standing outside of Randall’s, leaning on a light pole looking all cool and shit. The smoke from his Gudrang Garam clove danced through his bearded lips, into the air like frolicking doves.

“Hey there, my Clemmy. Lookin’ hot today,” said Jude with a confident smile.

Any doubts from the previous night exited Clemmy’s mind like a fart caught in hurricane winds. She will have her Jude. He will be all hers. His Patchouli Muse she shall be.

“Hi Jude. Great to see you, I love your scarf,” said Clemmy as she hugged him lovingly.

Clemmy found a new thrift store named, “Eclectic Finds” only a couple of blocks from Randall’s that was supposed to be the hottest one in the area. (At least that’s what 25 Yelp users commented.)

They walked into Eclectic Finds and into a smorgasbord of vintage items like they had never seen before. On the left wall were music t-shirts ranging from David Bowie to Daniel Johnston. On the other side of the store there was a huge collection of vinyl records and tapes that seemed to be never-ending.

Without speaking, they both headed directly for the tapes and started thumbing through a set labeled “1990’s.” They were like to children who just walked into Disney World for the first time. Their excitement was palpable and they could hardly speak.

Within seconds, their hands joined together as they both discovered Public Enemy’s Fear of a Black Planet cassette sitting in pristine condition in front of them. Without a word, their hands united together around the tape and they peered into each others eyes.

Their lips met and their tongues danced violently as both of them sang “9-11 is a joke,” inside their heads.

The Hip-Fatuation was real. On the second date, this hipster love story got fucking real.

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