Dear Diary, Clemmy’s lament

diaryDear Diary,

I just woke up and realized what I original thought was a nightmare, was in fact real. Jude called me at 4 in the morning to bitch about his job.

I was half asleep so I don’t remember everything. But what I do remember is causing me to seriously question his stability.

He kept rambling about “fuckster hipster wannabees” at Randall’s copying his style and bragging about “hipsterdom.” It’s difficult for me to understand why he can’t just realize they are his customers and it’s just his job. I guess he takes it more seriously than others because he spends a lot of his free time there when he’s not working.

I mean there’s open mic night, the once a month “best fedora contest,” and he always gets discounts on any international teas they have. I don’t blame him for spending time there, it is quite bitchin’.

Today, I will be anxiously awaiting Jude’s text to see if he is mentally able to search for vintage cassettes. This romance, this love, this “hip-fatuation,” depends on it.

P.S. I’m glad I washed my hair 5 days ago because I just don’t have the energy today. I will be on the computer all morning using the search engine Bing to find what locations we should go to. Google is way too overused.


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3 thoughts on “Dear Diary, Clemmy’s lament

  1. jannatwrites

    I’ve read a few of these segments and I’m left realizing how old I’ve gotten (geez, I didn’t think I was that old, but when I leave here, I’m going to find out more about ‘hipsters’ 🙂 ) Had to laugh and cringe at the same time about washing the hair five days ago. Ew!


    1. hipsterstories Post author

      Thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate it. When my wife and I go to a bar we feel the same way. Hipsters are everywhere, just head to any bar in your downtown area that is considered cool. You can smell them a mile away.


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