My Smell (open mic night)

ShampooPatchouli(Every Wednesday and Friday is open mic night at Randall’s where Jude works.  On Wednesday, he invited Clemmy for his first attempt.)

Jude walked up to the stage with eager anticipation.  This was his first open mic night. He invited Clemmy to listen and he was nearly sweating through his scarf.

“Hi, my name’s Jude.  I would like to dedicate this spoken word gem to my dearest Clemmy…….. my patchouli muse,” he said with a bit of shake in his voice.

“I call this one, My Smell.  I hope you enjoy.”

my smell, my unique smell

it transforms the smeller into a state of hip-bliss

it lingers after I walk by, providing a cloud of truth

a truth unmasked by a four day layer of dank, warm, mossy-like ambiance

letting you know my beard is real,

my thoughts are 30 years before my time,

my vinyl is legit,

my jean shorts are cut-offs and the scarf matching denim.

my smell, so unusual, so me, so what you want to be

patchouli shampoo………my shower muse

(check out Jude’s first attempt at Outlaw Poetry)


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