Dear Diary (Clemmy’s confession)

tapedeck(Clemmy keeps a diary for a blog she is thinking about starting and for any possible future movie deals)

Dear Diary;

It’s Wednesday night and tomorrow is my second date with Jude. We are going on a search for vintage cassette tapes. I made sure my hottest corduroy skirt was clean, well I at least sprayed it with my Patchouli Febreze. (had to make that myself, Febreze doesn’t actually make that scent yet, but I did send a letter to their marketing department).

I’m dying to find some old Pink Floyd or David Bowie cassettes. It just sounds so much better listening to it on my Sony Walkman rather than Itunes or CD’s. I hate that it’s yellow, but I didn’t have much choice when I rescued it from my older brother’s time capsule when I was a kid.

Jude is so freaking, hipster hot. I can’t wait to go in for a kiss tomorrow. I think it’s time. I want to feel his beard rubbing against my peach-fuzzed chin.

CONFESSION TIME- I was so hot and bothered after our first date I had to call that 976 Hipster sex line. I touched myself over and over thinking about Jude. Thinking about how smooth he was, thinking about that record player he brought on the date.

Anyway, listening to some Pixies, Surfer Rosa recording from concert in Sweden, circa 1991to put myself to sleep. Can’t wait until tomorrow.

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