Jude’s letter to the editor (Portlandia)

(Jude writes a letter to the editor of the local college newspaper.  He’s pissed at all their wannabe hipsters)

portlandiaDear Editor,

Although I’m not a student, I felt compelled to write because I’m always running into your students at Randall’s Cafe.

I hear them talk all the time about how cool Portlandia is. Those who watch it can’t be real hipsters. No way in hell. What a joke, really. It’s so mainstream, it’s like carrying a kids lunchbox around as a purse.

I mean shit, I will probably start watching it in about 20 years, then it will be truly be cool. Kind of like how I’ve been watching What’s Happening re-runs for about 5 years now.

Could you please print this in your next issue so maybe your students can learn a little more about culture? Every time I hear one of them talk about how awesome Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are, it makes me want to puke into my scarf.  


Jude the (REAL) Hipster


5 thoughts on “Jude’s letter to the editor (Portlandia)

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