Clemmy leaves Jude a note

mixtapeBecause their first date went so well, Clemmy decided to do something very sweet for her new crush. She decided to write him a note.

But, in true Hipster fashion, she did not email the note or snail mail the note (although sending a postcard would have been very 1980’s), she decided to take it to a new Hipster level.

She took the note and hid it at the record store where they first met.

She decided to place the note between two records in the “C” section, “C” for Clemmy of course. She discreetly hid it between a Carpenters and Curtis Mayfield record. She texted Jude and he ran with wild anticipation to the record store.

The note went like this:

Master Jude,

I can’t tell you how much fun I had with you on our first date. Spending time with you was like when I first discovered corduroy bras……..simply amazing. Your style, your smell, your beard reminded me of what it must have been like to live in another time, a time where style mattered.

When you pulled that record player out, the insides of my thighs lit up like a David Bowie concert. You had me at IPA. I can’t wait to spend more time with you. Later this week, I was thinking about maybe looking for some old lunchboxes that we could fashion as end tables. Are you game?

With love, Clemmy

(You may want to read The First Seduction, Jude & Clemmy’s first date)


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