Million Hipster March (screw Trump)

march_for_womenAfter Jude’s terrible week dealing with being berated by President Trump, Clemmy finally reached out to him.

She texted- “Jude, I think I have all of our problems solved, sending u an email now, dearest Clemmy.”

Jude finally had a light at the end of the tunnel.  He opened the email on his phone immediately:

My Sweet Jude,

I’ve been watching the news since the inauguration and have been so inspired by all the protesters.  So many strong, open-minded women marching in support of their vaginas.  Marching for their “equal” rights.  Marching in solidarity against that evil, egotistical, orange-faced tyrant.  I even say women wearing uterus hats, it’s amazing to see.  People are truly standing up for what they believe in.  I even saw men marching hand-in-hand with these women…… so amazing.

I had tears in my eyes when I saw how Trump responded to your letter.  My heart truly broke into itsy, bitsy pieces.   And then it hit me.  We have to organize.  We have to unite. 


OMG, could you even imagine???? We will organize hipsters from across the entire country and march right up to the White House and let Trump hear our voices.  We can let him know that we will not be bullied, we will not be degraded and we will not be laughed at.

I can hardly contain my excitement.  My nipples are poking through my favorite corduroy bra:) I’m forwarding this email to Stefan to get the wheels rolling.

I’ve felt so helpless in the past about helping you and finally, I’ve found a way to truly be your woman.

Meet me at Randall’s tomorrow night so we can discuss the plan more and then maybe we can recreate that “face in the pillows” night we had.

With love,




3 thoughts on “Million Hipster March (screw Trump)

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