Trump replies to a hipster

donald-trumpDear Hipster Schmuck,

Believe it or not, I did read your letter.  Well, I had someone read it to me.  And I have a few things to tell you.

Thanks for not voting for me.  I didn’t need your sorry, smelly Hipster vote.  You are exactly what’s wrong with this country.  You are a perfect example of the “Pussification” of America.

You work at a coffee shop, probably making barely over minimum wage.  You have no desire or aspiration to be better, to become someone more or to actual buy the coffee shop and then flip it for a profit.  (You could have enrolled in Trump University and that last sentence would have made more sense to you.)

You probably only shower once or twice a week, thinking all that patchouli oil covers up your smell.  I have news for you dumb-ass, you Fu***** smell.  Every normal person knows what that oil is covering up…………… the scent of laziness.

You sit around waiting for handouts, waiting for your free ride, waiting for your ObamaCare.  Hey, guess what????  I’m repealing that shit and anything else that Kenyan put into place.

And one more thing before I take a shit on one of my gold-plated toilets……. you should try to be a little more like that Billy Emo kid.  I retweeted the picture of him wearing my hat and shirt.  He seems like a real “go-getter.”

P.S.- take more baths

P.S.S.- hit me up on Twitter some time

P.S.S.S.- Don’t you just love me?????


The Best President in the History of Ever- D. Trump



5 thoughts on “Trump replies to a hipster

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