the confrontation (billy emo threatens jude)

A supporter gestures at the media as Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump addresses supporters during a campaign rally for Republican Presidential Donald Trump in CincinnatiJude went back to his register with his unshaven face hanging down like Deputy Dog.  The hipster blood was in the water.

Billy Fucking Emo and his two emo cronies approached Jude like bull sharks ready to feed.

“Hey hipster pussy, you see this shirt, you see this hat???  Fuckin’ A’ right, Trump don’t have time for your touchy, feely, liberal bull-shit, “ Billy Emo said with supreme confidence.  His two associates pointed their fingers while laughing at Jude.

Billy continued, “Nice fuckin’ letter, you pussy, hipster bitch.  Oh, poor little hipster Jude.  Mad that a real man is our president.  No more of this complaining about raising minimum wage and free, fucking health care.”

Jude stared in disbelief.  Just moments earlier he was feeling like a hero, now he was under full Emo-Attack.

“You know ‘William’, I don’t appreciate your anger, your meanness.  This is exactly what I expect from a Trump supporter.  I will have you know that I’m creating an Anit-Hipster-Bullying club and we will do something about people like you,” said Jude.cryinghipster

Laughing so hard he began choking, Billy Emo replied, “O-M- FUCKING-G.  Did you really just say that out loud?????  An Anti-Hipster-Bullying club????  I can’t wait to join.”

Jude stood in disbelief.  He had no idea what to do now.  Billy Emo and his emo cohorts were pointing at the Trump shirts and hats while laughing at him.

He tried his best, but tears began to trickle down his greasy face.  “NO, NO, NO, not now.  Please not now,” Jude thought to himself.

Billy Emo immediately pulled his I Phone from his pocket and took about 20 pictures of Jude crying.

“That’s right bitch.  You know what the next viral video is going to be?????  A hipster-bitch crying his little pussy-ass off because he has hurt feelings.  PUSSSY,” said Billy relentlessly.

“You should Google me bitch.  Oh never mind, you probably use Bing, you sweaty-faced, patchouli stinking hipster,” Billy yelled.

Jude ran back into the break room and dialed Clemmy.




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