Billy Emo disses Jude (F-Trump)

emotrumpJude was so impressed with his Trump letter that he decided to post it on the public bulletin board at Randall’s when he went in for his next shift.  Almost immediately, customers began reading it.

Surprising to Jude, many of the customers gave him a thumb’s up and he was beginning to feel good about himself.  He truly felt like he may actually make an impact.

Randall’s was packed and the first three hours of his shift went by quicker than ever.  He went to the backroom and took a break, texting Clemmy:

“Dearest Clemmy, you should see how many people actually like the letter I wrote to Trump.  I posted it on the bulletin board at work, it’s totally killing.”

Little did Jude know – while on his break, something was happening at the Randall’s bulletin board.  And he wasn’t going to be happy.

After texting Clemmy, he twirled his mustache between his fingers and started to walk back out front to continue his shift.  He heard a bit of a commotion, but thought nothing of it at first.rough_day-7104

He saw several people standing around the bulletin board and began to smile as he approached it.  Surely it was more people clamoring to get a look at his Trump letter.

Then, as Jude got closer he saw what the spectacle was about……..

Billy FUCKING Emo was standing next to the bulletin board with a two other Emo’s.  They were all wearing hats and t-shirts that said, “TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT – GET THE FUCK OVER IT YOU HIPSTER FUCKS.”

Jude was in shock.  He had no idea what to do next.  He walked behind the counter to his register with his head down.  Billy Emo saw him and started towards him.



2 thoughts on “Billy Emo disses Jude (F-Trump)

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