A hipster’s letter to Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

I’ve sat idly and watched as you have reached out to members of the community; white people, black people, Democrats and Republicans.  It deeply saddens me that you have overlooked a significant part of the population who suffers from an extraordinary amount of discrimination.trump

Hipsters.  Yes, I repeat……….HIPSTERS.

I guess you have no idea what it’s like to be so unique, so ahead and behind the times and so in-tune with corduroy that people always look down on you?

While you were using your daddy’s money to get rich, I was growing the perfect beard and searching for records on a daily basis.

During that time I struggled just to buy a regular craft beer like Sierra Nevada.  I struggled to find vintage lunchboxes on Ebay.  Do you know how difficult it is to find a truly incredible lunchbox for under $10???  NO sir, you do not.

mixed-raceWhile you were impregnating hot, European models, I was slinging coffee as a barista at my local coffee store.

I do have a girlfriend, but I’m afraid she is secretly in love with an Emo.  Do you even know what an Emo is???  NO sir, you do not.

And now you have bullied your way in the most powerful position in the world by making fun of people like me.

Being a white Hipster in this day and age is worse than being a 1/3 Black – 1/3 Asian – 1/3 Latina transvestite.  I know their struggles more than you will ever know.

Shame on you Donald Trump, shame on you.  I may be moving to Canada soon.  I don’t want to, but I just might.


Jude the Hipster




9 thoughts on “A hipster’s letter to Trump

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