Hip Page Editor Response

Jude– this “article” is abhorrent. We brought you on staff to write about movie reviews, not give us your opinion on Kayne, Beck and Hipsters. We truly have no time for your mindless drivel.

This “article” is ridiculous and lacks an original, intelligent thought. And your use of the word “stalwart” is offensive. Sure, it’s a real word, but the way you use it is baffling.

We are not in the business of issuing warnings to our contributors; so let this serve as your final warning. I need a real article about why American Sniper didn’t win best picture.

Email it to me within 48 hours. If you can’t make this timeline, lose my email.

Best Regards,

Hip Page Editor (a real writer who cannot retrieve the lost time I spent writing this to you)


2 thoughts on “Hip Page Editor Response

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