the Hip Page replies….

writerScene: after submitting an unsolicited review of Eraserhead to the Hip Page, the newspaper replies

Dear Mr. Linkster,

Although we were a bit confused to receive your unsolicited review, we were mildly impressed and would like for you to come in for a meeting.  We would like to discuss with you the possibility of you writing a weekly column about the Hipster lifestyle in the area.

As you probably know, the Hipster lifestyle has become a driving force in the area and is continually shaping the culture diversity of our city.

Your review was poignant, tortured and brutally honest.  While we thought most of it was narcissistic, non-artistic rambling, we do feel you captured the essence of the self-absorbed hipster.

If you are interested, please come in to our office next Friday at 7 P.M. and ask for me.


Sam Packington, Editor of The Hip Page

P.S. It appears that your submission was completed using a typewriter.  If we move forward it will be necessary for you to have access to a real, live computer with Word.


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