Clemmy’s good luck present to Jude

There were only a few days left before the swim-off and Clemmy was searching thrift shops for a gift to inspire Jude. She was having difficulty finding anything and really had no idea what to get him.

Thrift Central was her last stop and she couldn’t believe what she found when she reached into the bargain bin at the back of the store.

The bin was filled with what seemed like hundreds of corduroy vests, but when Clemmy reached down to the bottom, her hand brushed up against something velour.

It was a men’s pair of burgundy velour capri pants with white corduroy pockets on the back. They were the coolest pants she’d ever seen and she knew Jude would absolutely adore them.

So, in true hipster fashion, she bought them and immediately cut the legs off to make them into hot, velour boy-shorts. They would be perfect for the swim-off.

She  wrapped them in recycled newspaper and tied it together with purple ribbon, Jude’s favorite color. And for the finishing touch she wrote Jude the following note:

Dearest Jude,

I found these at Thrift Central and knew they would be perfect for the swim-off.  I can wait to watch you destroy Billy Emo while wearing these.  Sexy and cool, that’s my man. 


Love your patchouli muse, Clemmy

P.S. you rocked my world the other night, MUAHHHHHHH


2 thoughts on “Clemmy’s good luck present to Jude

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